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Snoring and sleep apnoea

Kate Milne

Physiotherapist, Breathing Retrainer & Business Owner

Hello, I'm Kate!  I work with busy professional women when they are struggling with chronic persistent coughing or throat clearing. The women I work with are exhausted, and feel swamped by their busy life, with a real fear they will get worse and not be able to cope.

I help them to become cough free, full of vitality and energy, and able to cope with whatever life throws at them, getting them back to enjoying life full of fun and laughter.

I am a South Australian physiotherapist and accredited breathing educator, running my clinics in Angaston in the Barossa Valley, Evandale in Adelaide CBD as well as online where I can reach people around the country. I was inspired to become a breathing educator and launch Breathing Matters after participating in a breathing retraining course noticing a rapid improvement in her own chronic chest condition.

I trained in the UK at St. Thomas Hospital qualifying in 1984. I have lived and worked in Australia since 1989. Having spent many years working in the UK with chronic chest patients I then moved to Australia and  run a successful private practice in the Barossa for 25 years. I trained with the Buteyko Institute of Breathing and Health (BIBH) and have also studied under Tess Graham at Breathability and now assists her with training professionals.

15 years ago my health took a down turn having a history of short term chest infections, I gradually became worse ending up with 6 weeks off work and 6 months of strong steroids. Worried that I would end up like the patients, I had helped in the past with chronic chest problems, I chose to expand my knowledge of chest treatment finding that retraining the breathing pattern back to normal parameter was the key.


Since learning this, I have been extremely healthy and highly motivated. I am very passionate about assisting people  with breathing related problems back to health and vitality.

What do I do?

I have a keen interest in breathing education and retraining.

The aim of breathing retraining is to systematically adjust your breathing habits back to normal levels.


My mission is to empower people globally with the tools to ease their persistent coughing, throat clearing, tension, fatigue, chest tightness, nasal issues and snoring, return to living life with confidence and vitality.

The breath is the most important fuel for our body. Learn to do it well and you are supporting your body towards optimal functioning and good health. There are many reasons that can cause people to unconsciously breathe poorly.

The 3 most common reasons are; lifestyle factors, stress, mis-information regarding correct breathing patterns.

You can change the way you breathe!
Breathing retraining teaches you to breathe slowly, gently and smoothly, day and night, the way the body supposed to breathe. Breathing retraining is the simplest and most natural approach to the management of breathing disorders and is often overlooked in favour of surgical and appliance based approaches.
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How can breathing retraining help?


The Breathing Matters breathing retraining may be effective for people with:

 - Persistent coughing

 - Throat clearing

 - Respiratory disorders

 - Bronchitis

 - COPD / Emphysema

 - Waking up tired               

 - Fatigue

 - Poor sleep

 - Snoring

- Asthma 

- Nasal problems     

- Blocked nose

- Sinusitis     

- Hay fever 

- Chronic fatigue                             

- Stress / Tension

- Anxiety and panic attacks

- Sleep apnoea

How does it work?


This may assist with symptoms of snoring, sleep apnoea, nasal problems, anxiety, stress, asthma or other respiratory disorders that impact on you and your loved ones quality of life. 


The breathing exercises, which are practiced for 6 weeks, may assist in relieving symptoms and restoring better health.

Breathing retraining is:

- Scientifically based on standard principals of physiological norms and biochemistry

- Safe as breathing retraining follows international best practice medication guidelines. Changes to your medical management must take place in consultation with your medical practitioner or specialist.

What outcomes may I expect?


If you suffer with a persistent nagging cough or throat clearing , you may notice a reduction in your symptoms and well as increased energy less fatigue and improved performance.

If you suffer from snoring and sleep apnoea, you may notice a quiets night sleep and decreased reliance on or need for CPAP and mandibular appliances.

If you are stressed, anxious or feel low in energy, you may notice improved sleep and lowered stress levels and management, resulting in improved energy levels and working performance.


If you struggle with exercise, you may have less muscle soreness, cramps and dehydration and noticeable improvements with recovery and performance.


If you are an asthmatic or suffer from chronic cough, you may have a reduction or need for use of inhalers/relievers or other medication, along with less asthma attacks and better exercise tolerance.


If you have sinus or other respiratory problems, you may see some symptom relief in emphysema, bronchitis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

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