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Assessment and Evaluation Appointment

Kate recommends an initial consultation for all clients either in person or via Skype, Messenger or Zoom for your comprehensive breathing assessment.


During your breathing assessment and consultation with me you will discover how you breathe. I will explain how breathing affects your health and find out ways to improve your breathing which may assist with your well being.


Prior to your assessment, I ask you to fill out a comprehensive health questionnaire, available below. This enables me to evaluate your health status and assists in identifying the best approach for your unique profile, tailoring advice to your specific needs.


During this session

- I will identify the nature of your breathing dysfunction

- Recommend the changes you need to make to your breathing pattern

- Suggest the best course of action for breathing retraining


The Initial  60 minute consult is $185 then any subsequent sessions of 60 minutes will cost $165.


To book your consultation please contact me.

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